MaRRS International Spelling Bee

This is the first competition in Asia for School Children. The objective is to enhance the spelling and literary skills of children by encouraging them to explore the English language, expand their vocabulary, and improve their communication and comprehension skills.

How the competition works?

The competition has five stages

1. School Competition

2. Inter School Championship

3. State Championship

4. National Championship

5. International Championship

The competition begins at the School and then progresses to the International Level through the Inter School, State and National Championships.

Only those who qualify in the School Competition would be eligible to participate in the Inter School Championship. The State and the National Championships would comprise of participants, w ho qualify from the Inter School and State Championships respectively.

All those who qualify from the National Championship would participate in the MaRRS International Spelling Bee.

Who can participate?

MaRRS International Spelling Bee is accessible to all school students from class 1 to class 12. The participants compete in six different categories depending on the class they study in.

How can my child participate?

Every child must be registered through the School. Every participant would require the parent/guardian’s consent on the registration form, which could be distributed in the School.

Do all students participate at the same level?

No, the Championship is conducted in 6 different categories.

1. Students in class 1

2. Students in class 2

3. Students in class 3 & 4

4. Students in class 5 & 6

5. Students in class 7, 8 & 9

6. Students in class 10, 11 & 12

There would be separate prizes for each of the above categories.

Who would qualify for the Inter School, State & National Championships?

All those participants who enter into the Oral Round of the School competition would be eligible to participate in the Interschool Championship. All those who qualify from the Oral Round of the Interschool and State Championship may participate in the State & National Championships respectively.

Who would participate in the International Championship?

Those students who participate and qualify from the Oral Round of the National Championship would be eligible to participate in the International Championship.

Preparatory Booklet

Every participant of the Spelling Bee would receive a preparatory booklet, WORDSWORTH containing about 1000 words and exercises used for the competition. These words and exercises are graded to match the age and class of the preparation.

Rounds of the School Level Competition

First Round : Dictation Round

Second Round : Category I - Identify the correct Spelling

All other categories - Jumbled Letters

Final Round : Oral

All the participants would go through the first and second rounds of the competition. Selected candidates would participate in the Oral Round.

Additional Rounds of the Inter School Competition

Word Application [Written Round] Pronunciation Round [oral round]

Additional Rounds of the State Competition

Category 1 Complete the Sentence Picture Crossword Category 2-6 Complete the Idioms Crossword

Additional Rounds of the National Competition

Synonym & Antonym

Additional Rounds of the International Competition>

Phrasal Verbs